Hero Zero Donuts Hack v1.3 PRO & NEW free

Hero Zero Donuts Hack v1.3 PRO

Hero Zero Donuts Hack

Today we will show Hero Zero Donuts Hack v1.3 PRO (unlimited donuts). This hack is easy and simple to use. Just few mouse clicks. Hack has been designed by using an exploit in the game which is 100% safe to your game account. Just try now Hero Zero Donuts Hack!



see how it looks

Hero Zero Donuts Hack

Main features


  • unlimited donuts
  • 100% undetectable
  • daily updates (auto update system)
  • browser auto detect
  • all browsers support
  • Windows & Mac systems support
  • anti ban system
  • FREE


how to use

    • 1. Login to your game account.
    • 2. Start Hero Zero Donuts Hack v1.3 PRO. You don’t need to use another program like Cheat Engine because it’s built in hack.
    • 3. Edit your values.
    • 4. Choose another options (if existing) in hack.
    • 5. Run hack.
    • 6. Visit your game account.
    • 7. Enjoy!

About game

short description

About game which use Hero Zero Donuts Hack: Are you a real hero? Find it out in Hero Zero! You are starting your career as an average hero from next door. Helping out old grannies crossing the street is just the beginning! Soon you are figthing against salesmen, hackers and super villains!
Challenge other heroes for a fight and become the best of the best!
Unite with other players into hero teams and fight together against the evil, other challengers or for trophies!
Equip your hero with crazy items, find epic sets and improve your stats to become the best!
Do you believe you are the next superhero? Then Hero Zero is your game to play! Play Hero Zero now and for free!

Quick info

Hero Zero Donuts Hack v1.3 PRO

  • ~2MB
  • 72
    Last week downloads
  • 102
    Total downloads
  • 5/5
  • 0$
Hero Zero Donuts Hack update:

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Disclaimer: Hero Zero Donuts Hack v1.3 PRO is for educational purpose only. Use it on your own discretion!

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